Things to do in Auckland this summer

November 16, 2020

Things to do in Auckland

Auckland has something for everyone! If you are into a full-blown workout, jump in to your active wear and set your sights on Rangitoto, Auckland’s largest volcano. Work up a thirst, just in time for heading back on the ferry, for that very well-deserved cold beer at the

If you want to take the scenic route take a stroll through Auckland domain, the city’s oldest park. Take in the scent of the flowers in the winter gardens, touch up on your NZ history at the war memorial museum (free to Aucklanders) or count the ducks on the mainly little ponds hidden in the park, there is plenty to do here.

Need a refreshing dip in the ocean after a hard week in the office? Then escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the Eastern Burbs. And if you’re feeling particularly bold jump up on a paddleboard and check out the sights around Mission Bay from a different perspective, on that gorgeous glistening water.

You sailing mad fans will already know that we are hosting the 36th Americas cup in the city of sales, racing starts mid-December, be sure to get a front row seat for race days from either Bastian point, The North Heads, Rangitoto, Takapuna beach or show your support
down at NZHQ and check out the Prada village on Hobson wharf: Jam packed with local NZ food and drink and the designated performance location for the races.

Calling all adrenaline junkies head up on to Woodhill forest, whether you fancy a competitive game of paintball or egging on your buddies to conquer their purpose-built mountain bike tracks. Be sure to wrap the day up with a seasonal beer and a wood fired pizza at Hallertau

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the kids. Have your AT Hop card at the ready for a short bus ride to The Domain. They will be in their element as they discover the different animals of the Chinese New Year at the Lantern Festival, Auckland’s biggest multicultural festival.

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