Corporate Events


At Brewbus, we know how important team culture is. We value our team..they deserve the best. If you feel the same don’t look past our tailor made craft beer corporate events.

We know Kiwi’s brew the best beer in the world, and every Brewery in New Zealand has a world class element, so let our corporate events team showcase the best craft beer experience for you and your crew.

Our corporate events team value the art of inspiration. We know making memories together as a team is important. Our main goal is for your team to head back to work and talk about our experience in their lunch break!!!

To achieve this, we make everyone feel included, and involved.

Let us provide a unique occasion for all your team. The headache will be ours, tell us what your goals are and we will make sure it’s achieved! we can conduct bus tours, private tours, organise guest speakers and take care of all the hospitality. The beer will be tasty, the food delectable, the event….unforgettable. Let us galvanise your team.

We know what makes a successful corporate event. We are dedicated to encourage camaraderie, leadership, communication and decision making.

Your staff will leave our Brewbus New Zealand craft corporate beer experience revitalised, and proud to be part of your leadership!

Our Brewbus corporate events are memorable in every way. Contact our experienced team now and reward your staff with the most inspirational craft beer corporate event the world has to offer. We guarantee it. Ultimately we will ensure everyone gets involved and everyone has fun together!

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